Douglas King, as working artists himself, has a deep desire to see the work of beginning and emerging talents receive the attention they deserve. He knows the struggle of breaking into the “art world” of galleries, exhibits, and juried shows, as well as trying to make an impression amongst the seemingly endless posts of contemporary and abstract artists on social media, not to mention the constant battle to gain, and retain followers. (Can we rant for just a second about accounts that follow you only to receive a follow back, and then promptly unfollow you? Shame on you!)

King also understands the desperation that can come from working so diligently on your craft and yet not receiving any recognition, let alone sales. It can be heartbreaking. 

With this in mind, King launched a publication that can finally shine a light and acknowledge artists whose work is incredible and deserves to be recognized and rewarded. The goal is to provide a print and online platform to showcase the work of artists and present that work in the finest manner to gallery directors, curators, and art collectors. 

(Allow us to shift tones…)

We are artists. We know the struggle. We have been taken advantage of and we promise we will never do that to you, our fellow artists. We want to provide you with a high-quality publication and opportunity to have your work published. We wish we did not have to charge an entry fee, but that simply is not possible due to the cost of print and marketing. We have attempted to keep the price reasonable.

We also make this pledge to you now, in writing, we will make every effort not to raise the entry fee. As long as the cost of printing doesn’t take some crazy leap, then the pricing will never change.

Second, we promise to mail hundreds of copies of the published Contempo Annual to our list of gallery owners, art curators and collectors from around the world in the hope that the work we publish will be seen and some of those who have submitted may find representation, and/or possibly commissions. 

Third, we intend to have a presence at many of the major art shows such as Art Basel, The Other Art Show, LA Art Show, etc, where we will make the books available for sale and hand out copies to various galleries and collectors.

Our mission statement is to provide exposure for emerging artists to an international audience, the type of audience that can change an art career.


What is Contempo?

Contempo Annual is a publication of the best in abstract and contemporary work as decided on by a professional jury of artists, museum curators, gallery owners, art consultants and collectors. 

We believe there is a tremendous amount of high-quality art created each year that gets lost in the mass of social media posts and is not being represented in the art world. We have established this publication in an attempt to change that as best we can. 

We certainly wish we could publish every artist’s work but that is simply not feasible, otherwise the book would be thousands of pages and cost hundreds of thousands to publish and ship, and who would have time to read it. Plus, the entire point of the book is to showcase exemplary work so that it stands out. 

Keep in mind, that even if your work is not selected this year, there is always next year, as well as the monthly Mood Boards,we will publish online. 

Once a year we will open a Call for Entries to the arts community for submissions to be included in the next publication. It is our intent to publish a 300 page exhibit every year, just in time for Art Basel and the many wonderful art shows held around the world. 

Contempo Annual is open to every artist who wishes to participate and can adhere to the exhibit’s rules of submission. There are no limits on the number of entries an artist can submit. Though, please read the Submission Policies for complete rules and specs.

The first press run for Contempo Annual will match that of contemporary art books and allow us to ship hundreds of copies to our gallery and art contacts.  

Contempo Annual is sold in the mass market through all major book stores, museum gift shops and art galleries that sell books. Copies are also sent to many leading art galleries, art consultants, curators, and art collectors to maximize exposure for the artist features in the book. The more people who see your art the more opportunities, and that is the entire point of Contempo Annual. As an international resource, we expect participants to begin receiving representation and receiving commission. That is our hope, not our promise.

2019 will be our first year to publish. We fully expect Contempo Annual to evolve and improve with each volume. We are open to suggestions, so please write to us at info@contempoannual.com