Contempo Submission Policies

Entry details

The Contempo Call for Entries opens on February 22, 2019. This is an invitation for all artists to submit entries to the 1st Contempo Annual International Competition of Abstract & Contemporary Art. Art works in all mediums that are considered abstract, abstract expressionism, and contemporary are eligible for this show.

Work chosen by the jury will be printed in full color in the Contempo annual, the peer-selected "best of the year" collection for the abstract and contemporary arts.

Eligibility and Eligible Media

Any work in any medium (see Categories) that is considered abstract and contemporary is eligible for submission. 

We will accept all art submissions that clearly employ and represent the theme of contemporary and abstract expressionism. Eligible media include, but are not limited to: drawing, illustration, painting, pastels, block/ink print, digital, photography, pottery, sculpture, assemblage, metal and wood work. 

Works that will not be considered include traditional/photorealism portraiture, landscapes, illustrations, and craft art.

The Basics

All artwork must be submitted digitally through the website. No original art or prints sent through the mail will be accepted.


The jury will select works from the entries for inclusion in the Contempo annual; the act of entering art in the competition does not guarantee inclusion in the book. If your entry is accepted, a reproduction-quality digital file (400dpi, tiff file at 9" wide or 12" tall) will be requested to ensure the finest quality printing in the Contempo annual. Failure to provide reproduction-quality material by the deadline given in an acceptance email will cause the forfeiture by the artist of acceptance to have their work published in the book.


The appropriate fee must accompany the entry, and the entry forms must be filled out correctly with all pertinent information so we may contact you. (Information for publication in the book and for correspondence will be drawn from the entry forms.) The person submitting work for this competition warrants that he or she is the copyright holder or has the permission of the copyright holder to enter said work and by so doing grants permission for publication in the Contempoannual and in the promotion of same. No other rights, either for print or electronic mediums, are granted to Contempo(C2D Publishing, LLC and its agents), and copyrights will be acknowledged to the respective copyright holders within the content of the Contempo annual.


Each accepted entry will be reproduced in full color and given complete credit in the Contempoannual; the contact information for all artists or their agent/representatives will be printed in the artist index. The person who has submitted an accepted entry will receive a complimentary copy of the annual. International residents are required to pay shipping. Tear sheets are not available. Additional copies may be purchased at a discount.


Entry Fees

To submit up to five images the entry fee is $35. Please note if the work is part of a Series. The jury may select any art it deems worthy and is not obligated to select all works from a Series entry.

All payments must be made online at the Contempo Annual website after submitting your art. Instructions are provided. Entry fees may be paid with a credit card or Paypal payment. We do not accept bank transfers or checks.


There are NO additional fees or charges.

Deadline for Entries

Entries must be received and paid for no later than May 20, 2019. The judging will take place shortly after the deadline. Email with questions.

Notification for Accepted Work

Only entrants whose works are selected by the jury for inclusion will be notified  by email. This email will provide additional information regarding the submission of the reproduction-quality digital file (400dpi, tiff file at 9" wide or 12" tall) and accompanying text (Name of artist, Title of work, Size, Medium, Contact info—phone, email, URL, as well as a 150-word Artist Statement)

A list of accepted entrants will also be posted on the Contempo website, Please check to see if your name is on the list before contacting us to inquire as to if you were selected. We will not be notifying entrants who did not have work selected: Only artists with work selected by the jury for inclusion in the annual will have their names listed on the website and will be notified by email. 

Artist not selected by the jury for publication in Contempo may still have their work published on the Contempo website in one of the monthly Mood Boards—a curated selection of entries, grouped together based on color, style, or theme. Publication of these works will be made monthly and promoted on Contempo social media, then archived and permanently made available on the website. The publication of the Mood Boardswill begin after publication of the print book. There is no additional fee to have work published in the monthly Mood Boards.


Entries will be divided into six categories. Members of the jury will judge each category objectively, keeping in mind the work's intent and purpose in their decisions. All submissions will be considered equitably. Each entrant is responsible for placing his or her work in the appropriate category when submitting online. Please email us at if you are not sure of the proper category for your entry.

All artwork must be contemporary or abstract expressionism.

Painting - Traditional

Please use code A. Suggested entries include art created with oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, pencil, or any traditional medium on canvas, paper, linen, wood or other physical material. This category will also include the use of other media such as fabric, collage, gold leaf, beads, etc.

Painting - Digital

Please use code B. Suggested entries include art created in a digital program such as Photoshop, Procreate, ArtRage, ZBrush, Maya, 3DS Max, etc. All work must still conform to the main theme contemporary or abstract expressionism.

Sculpture/ Dimensional

Please use code C. Suggested entries include any work created in traditional 3-dimensional form. This made include, but not limited to, wood, plaster, concrete, clay, wire, and metal. All work must be contemporary or abstract expressionism. A maximum of three photos of a single entry (to show detail) may be sent for no additional fee.

Photography – abstract only

Please use code D. Suggested entries include work created with a camera but heavily manipulated through exposure, digital means, or any other method that creates a final image that is contemporary or abstract expressionism.


Please use code E. Suggested entries include any large-scale art installation in a physical space either for a performance or exhibit. Works may include any material. A maximum of three photos of a single entry (to show detail) may be sent for no additional fee.


Please use code F. Suggested entries include all art commissioned by interior designers, architects, developers, individual clients or that was commissioned for editorial, appearing in magazines or newspapers. All works must be contemporary or abstract expressionism.

Submission Technical Guidelines

Entry files are required as 72 dpi RGB jpg files at 2000px Max width/height. The file size must be less than 10MB.

Submit the best-quality representation of your art possible. Make sure your photographs are:

·      In focus

·      The proper color

·      The art is the central part of the image. DO not show work framed or hanging in a room. WE DO NOT PUBLISH VIGNETTES. 

·      Send a large image so we can properly review the work. Make sure the submission isn't the size of a postage stamp.



Contempo will announce one Best in Show winner and a winner in each category. Additional Honorable mention awards will also be presented. Winners will be specially called out in the ContempoAnnual and awards will be presented in the book release and Awards banquet (details to come). All artists accepted for publication will be invited to the banquet. All travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the artists. Winners will be notified in advance so that they can make their best effort to attend. 


A panel of art professionals will be announced prior to the close of the Call for Submissions. 


The exhibition will be publicized locally, regionally and nationally via our social media platforms, email, and press release. Contempo reserves the right to use photographs and/or digital images of any accepted work for the purpose of publicity for either the exhibit or the artist. 


February 22, 2019 | Submissions OPEN (12:00 PM)

May 20, 2019 | Submissions CLOSE (11:59 PM)

May 31, 2019 | Artists notifications